Product name:3400W hot air blower

פן תעשייתי 1 - 3400W hot air blower


Hot air welders is also known as hot air gun,heat gun,hot air welding gun,hot air welding machine,plastic welder. hot air welding tools are used to join thermoplastic materials together. The tool brings the plastic material up to its specific weld temperature and then joins the pieces under pressure.

Plastic welding heat gun (3400 Watt)

40-650 ℃ temperature range, with deviation of  1 ℃, The temperature is electronically adjustable, high precision temperature control, especially suitable for continuous work in high temperature.

Unique high-power, Large-caliber, could use different welding nozzle according different application requirements.

In addition to welding, hot air plastic welding guns can be used for thermal plastic molding, docking operations and also can work with automatic welding machines

Technical Data
Temperature:40-650 degree
Air flow:14m3/h
insulating intensity:3750V