Product name: 1600W heat gun

פן תעשייתי 2 - 1600W heat gun


Heat gun is also known as hot air welder, hot air gun,heat gun,hot air welding gun,hot air welding machine,plastic welder. hot air welding tools are used to join thermoplastic materials together. The tool brings the plastic material up to its specific weld temperature and then joins the pieces under pressure.

Our heat gun is a kind of industrial quality handheld hot air welder with below advantages:
1) heating wire in the heating element imported from Sweden famous brand "KANTHAL"  with very long life span.
2) it's temperature controller chip imported from word famous brand"ST" company
3) the bearing of it's motor import from best one in china
4)the electric circuit board designed by HongKong electronic engineer
.Plastic fabrication ,welding floor, vehicle repair, heat shrinking,car bumper repair,PVC tents,tarpaulins, roof membranes, geotextiles films, rigid sheet, plastic sheets, welding tanks,chemical tanks, drying, shrank, wrapping, banner welding ,paint stripping
*.Welding of thermoplastic materials as well as single-ply flexible plastics and modified bitumen in the form of boards,
tubes, profiles, lining membranes, coated materials, films, foams, tiles and sheets.
*.overlap welding, welding with rod, with tape, butt welding and melt welding.
*.For foaming, ending and sealing of the thermoplastic semi-finished materials and plastic granules.
*.Drying of water-damp surfaces.
*.Shrinking of heat-shrink sleeves, films, tapes, solder sleeves, preformed and mould part.
*.Soldering of copper pipes, solder joints and metal foils.
*.Defrosting of frozen water pipes.
*.Activating and dissolving of solvent free adhesive and fusion adhesives
*.Igniting of wood shavings, paper, coal or straw in furnaces

Technical data sheet:

Product name hot air welding gun
Related Voltage 220/110V
Related Power 1600W
Frequence 50/60Hz
Temperature 20-700 degree
Air flow 13.8m3/h
Marking of conformity CE
Protection class
Net weight 1.5KGS